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Before scheduling service, you may want to review Angel Pet Sitters Policies

Pre-Visit Consultation / Registration

Every new client will require a pre-visit consultation and a meet and greet (registration visit). There is no fee for the pre-visit consultation, which is done by phone or e-mail. This consultation is to determine if Angel Pet Sitters can provide the services required by the potential client, and to give the potential client a chance to learn about the services offered. The meet and greet (registration visit) is scheduled if the client wishes to proceed with booking visits. The meet and greet provides the pet sitter, the client, and the pet(s) an opportunity to meet. Prior to this time, the sitter will instruct the client to create a profile on the APS website, complete the online service contract, vet release, and service request. During the meet and greet, the sitter will have a chance to meet the client's pet(s) and will take detailed pet care instructions in order to provide a fully personal and custom service. The sitter will collect payment for pet sitting or dog walking visits in advance. The client will also be provided with a lock box in which to place TWO keys for the sitter to have access to the home. (Extra key is in case of accidental lock out.) The lock box has each client's unique combination and can be changed at any time for added security.)

Pet Sitting Visits

Angel Pet Sitters provides professional, reliable care for your pets, in your home, while you are away. No more feeling guilty about not spending enough quality time with your pets when you are working overtime or going on countless business trips. APS offers you peace of mind that your pets will be well taken care of, in your pet's home environment, when you are at work, on business trips, or on vacation. APS services provide an alternative to boarding or kenneling, so that your pet may remain in the comfort, security, and familiarity of his or her own home. Angel Pet Sitters offers services for all types of pets (even some exotics!). APS provides a 20-30 minute visit to feed, water, brush, exercise and cuddle pets of all types. Pet sitting services are available 365 days a year, including holidays. Service will be customized to meet you and your pet's individual needs.

Dog Walking & Midday Breaks

Dog walking and midday breaks are an excellent alternative to doggie daycare! If your dog is not particularly social, or if your dog has been turned down by a daycare because it is not spayed or neutered, APS can help! (We also care for pit bulls, unlike some other services.) It is a well-known fact that dogs need activity in order to dispel boredom and help prevent destructive behavior. A nice, long dog walk or a fun-filled midday break chasing a ball in the backyard can be just as beneficial to your dog as a day at a doggie daycare.

Angel Pet Sitters provides several options for daytime dog walks so that your dog(s) can get the exercise they need while you are away.

For most clients, APS recommends a 20 minute walk; however, please call to discuss dog walking options based on breed, age, health and exercise requirements of your dog. Your dog(s) will be walked in the area that you specify, the sitter will clean up after him or her if necessary, and feed and/or water at your request.

Most mid-day dog walking occurs Monday-Friday between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Additionally, APS offers midday breaks for those who work long hours and need someone to let their dogs out for exercise and to relieve themselves. Midday breaks, like dog walks, involve approximately 20 minutes of activity, with a cool-down period of 5-10 minutes afterwards. (A good time for your sitter to give lots of hugs and praise!)

Please note that dog walking services will be available on the following holidays, however there will be a holiday surcharge: New Year's, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Please note: holidays include 2 days before and 2 days after the holiday date (a total of 5 days per holiday).

Daily dog walking clients can cancel a next-day dog walk at no charge if we are notified by 6pm the day before.

Overnight Visits

If you would like even more extensive and personalized attention for your pets (for a new puppy, for instance, or an elderly or infirm pet), APS offers overnight visits DEPENDING UPON AVAILABILITY. These visits offer the advantage of having someone stay in your house overnight, from 9pm to 6am, while you are away. The overnight visit includes an evening walk (if desired) and feeding. Please note that there is VERY limited availability for overnight visits, as there are only two sitters who can do overnights. Should standard (30 minute) daytime visits be required in addition to overnight visits, they will be charged separately at the standard rate for your area.

House Sitting

House sitting VISITS are offered as an alternative to staying in the home. These visits are 30 minutes long and involve services such as: taking in newsaper and mail, watering indoor plants (additional time can be added if you wish to have outdoor plants watered), checking on furnace and A/C, making sure doors and windows are locked, alternating lights, blinds, or drapes, etc.

Pet Taxi

APS offers a pet taxi service to chauffeur your pet(s) to and from the groomer, the vet, obedience training, pet daycare, or other locations. See rates for more information, or please call for a custom quote.

Errands & Additional Pet-Sit Time

The hourly rate for running errands or additional service time is $40, billable in thirty minute increments. An errand charge applies for additional requested services, or other services determined to be a necessity during your absence (e.g., replenishing an exhausted supply of pet food). The hourly rate for emergencies (e.g., emergency or urgent veterinary care, storm damage, etc.) is $40, also billable in thirty minute increments.

Short Notice Booking

If a client contacts APS less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the date and time of the first scheduled visit, a last-minute booking fee is assessed for the short notice booking. Please note that sitters are often booked weeks in advance, so the existence of this short notice booking fee in no way guarantees availability. In addition, new client relationships require much more advance notice to accommodate scheduling of a Meet & Greet, etc.

Holiday Visits

If your pet sitting visits span a holiday, there is a flat holiday fee. (Holiday periods include two days before and two days after a holiday. See our rates page for a list of all holidays.) Some of our competitors charge an additional per visit or per day holiday fee, but we find this to be excessive. The flat holiday fee that we charge covers the entire holiday period in which you've booked visits. (If you book over two holidays, for example, over Christmas AND New Year's, the fee will be double.)

FREE Services!

Each home visit can include the following at NO EXTRA CHARGE:

  • Exterior and interior home check (in case of security issues, etc.)
  • Mail, package, and dry cleaning collection
  • Newspaper collection
  • Flier and circular collection
  • Basic pet clean-up -- litter boxes, pet dishes, etc.
  • Indoor potted plant care
  • Security enhancement (alternate lights, radio, blinds, etc.)
  • Carefully completed pet sitter notes*

*Pet sitter notes NOW PROVIDED ONLINE within client profile. Texting updates is not available due to time constraints and the risk of distraction. We want your pets to be safe and properly cared for! (In case of emergency, however, sitters will call or text!)