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Our Services

Pet Sitting Visits

Our in-home visits provide your pet with food, water, play, companionship, exercise, and even medication, per your instructions. Make our service as customized as you need it to be! Our aim is to provide a very personal service for both you and your pet.

You will of course have the opportunity to meet your sitter and introduce them to your pet(s). When visits are booked, your sitter will visit your home, for a minimum of 30 minutes, according to the schedule made in the service request. Normally visits are performed on or around the time requested, but the sitter may need to make adjustments if they are especially busy with multiple clients (i.e., around the holidays).

Clients will also have access to online notes, including a checklist of tasks performed, left by your sitter at EVERY visit. These can be viewed at any time by logging into your account and clicking "Daily Scoop Notes". They are even time-stamped and GPS tracked, giving you added peace of mind that your pets are being well cared for while you're away. NOBODY else provides this!

Mid-Day Dog Walking

A mid-day break for some time outside while you're at work is an excellent alternative to doggie daycare! If your dog is not particularly social, or has been turned down by a daycare because they're not spayed or neutered, APS can help! It is a well-known fact that dogs need activity in order to dispel boredom and help prevent destructive behavior. A nice, long dog walk or a fun-filled midday break chasing a ball in the backyard can be just as beneficial to your dog as a day at a doggie daycare. These visits are charged at the same rate as pet sitting visits.

Pet Taxi Service

Don't have time to take your pet to an upcoming veterinary or grooming appointment? Our Pet Taxi Service is the answer. Our sitters can pick up your pets from home and deliver them, and/or pick them up and bring them back home. Please contact us for more info.

Overnight Visits

For those who have pets with special needs, or that just want that extra security concerning their home and pets while they're away, we offer overnight visits in addition to daily visits. These are extremely limited in availability as not all of our sitters are able to accomodate them. Please contact us for more info.

FREE Services!

Each home visit can include the following at NO EXTRA CHARGE:

  • Exterior and interior home check (in case of security issues, etc.)
  • Mail/package and newspaper collection
  • Basic pet clean-up -- litter boxes, pet dishes, etc.
  • Indoor potted plant care
  • Security enhancements (alternating lights, TV, radio, blinds, etc.)