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Angel Pet Sitters Service Rates

Since we personalize our service to each of our client's needs, we ask that you please click here to fill out our contact form to obtain your custom quote!

Registering as a client with us involves a one-time fee of $32; This includes the Meet & Greet with your sitter ($16), and our lock box deposit* ($16). At the M&G your sitter will have a chance to familiarize themselves with your home, your pet(s) and your routine, while taking down detailed instructions for themselves. They will also provide you with your lock box at this time, and show you how it's used.

If your home has an electronic entry that you would like your sitter to use, a lock box with a physical key is still strongly encouraged to have as a backup. This is for your pet's safety, in the event of an emergency; such as a power and/or battery failure.
Regular Visit - 30/45/60 Mins
Per-visit rate made to your home during the day; Whether it's a mid-day dog walk/potty break, or visits while you're out of town. Our sitters will take care of whatever you need as long as it can be performed in the time frame chosen. You can select up to four visits per day, and chose what time(s) of day they are to be performed. A 45 minute visit will add $5 to the base rate, and 60 minute visits will add $10 to the base rate. Additionally, night visits (8 or 9 pm) will have an additional $2 surcharge.

Our rates for visits are determined by distance & length of visit. Sitters must travel to your home; sometimes from their home, but sometimes from another client's home. For this reason, we use predetermined zip codes to calculate distances. Please contact us for an exact quote on what your specific rate would be.
FLEX Visit - 30/45/60 Mins (1x/day)
$.50 discount 
We offer our regular visits at a discount of 50 cents off of your regular rate when there is no specific time of day required, allowing the sitter FLEXible visits. Flex visits can only be booked once per day. This is a great option for cat owners, or dogs with access to a doggy door and fenced yard. Our sitters will do their best to perform each visit within a 4-hour window from the previous day's visit.
Taxi Service - 30/45/60 Mins
A taxi visit, booked as a regular 30-minute visit, includes a one-way trip of your pet(s) transported to or from your home. It includes no other tasks, unless previously discussed with your sitter, in which case a longer duration visit may be required.
Any booking made less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the start date and time will incur a last-minute fee. Please note that sitters are often booked weeks in advance, so the existence of this fee in no way guarantees availability.
A holiday fee is assessed to any booking that spans over a holiday period, as one flat fee. Visits that happen to span over two holiday periods (i.e., Christmas and New Years) will be charged double the fee. Holidays are New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. A holiday period extends one day before and one day after the date of the holiday, with the exception of Christmas which is two days before and two days after.

Be certain of your plans before committing to holiday service; there are NO refunds given to cancellations for holiday bookings. Please see our refund policy for more information.
Extra Pets (over five)
We strive to keep our rates competitive, especially when compared to the alternative of boarding. Therefore, we do not charge for multiple pets until there are six or more. The fee is then assessed at $1 per additional pet, per visit. We will make exceptions if you have multiple small pets in one confined area (birds, small animals, etc).
Extended Stay Discount
10% discount 
Any booking that consists of 28 consecutive days of visits (from morning to morning, evening to evening, etc.) will automatically have a 10% discount applied to it! This discount caps at $150.
Overnight visits are available on an extremely limited basis, and must be confirmed with a sitter before a booking is made. An overnight stay lasts twelve(12) hours. Arrival and departure time may vary depending on your sitter's schedule. It includes any tasks needing to be performed before and after a comfortable sleep period for the sitter.

* The lock box deposit is fully refundable, should you decide you no longer need our services. In this case, the lock box is to be returned to our office, and the deposit will be refunded by check mailed to your residence. In the event you should wish to resume service after this, the new client registration process will need to be repeated.

Rates are subject to change at any time, without notice.