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Angel Pet Sitters - Serving Northwest Arkansas

We promise to continue to provide you with the same exceptional pet care service you've had since 2000!

Angel Pet Sitters provides professional, reliable care for your pets in your home, while you are away. No more worrying about not being able to spend enough time with your pets when you're working overtime, going on countless business trips, or unable to take them with you on vacation. We offer you peace of mind that your pets will be well taken care of, whether you are at work or out of town. We offer services for all types of pets! Our sitters are available 365 days a year.

Our service differs from the competition in several ways:

  1. You will have a PRIMARY pet sitter providing your pet care. This will provide more comfortability for you and better bonding with your pet. If we have to send you another sitter, we will do our very best to arrange for you to meet them. In the event of an emergency and the sitter cannot make it to one or more visits, rest assured another one of us will step in, and have the same pet care instructions to follow.
  2. We do not keep client keys. Each client is provided with a lock box (deposit required) in which to insert keys. You place the lock box on your door before you depart, and remove it when you return. This gives controlled access to your home, adding an extra level of security.
  3. We provide you with a custom rate quote, prior to booking service. You will then have the opportunity to meet your sitter at the Meet & Greet, in your home, before your visits begin.
  4. Sitter’s visits to your home are GPS tracked, date & time-stamped. These visits, along with a brief note, are left online each visit and are viewable by YOU, at any time while you’re away! So there are NO questions as to if/when your pet was cared for.
  5. We have the largest service area, with sitters in several locations throughout NWA.
  6. We have been providing pet sitting service longer than any other professional service in NWA!

Our service is unsurpassed. Ask any of our clients, or see some of our MANY client testimonials! With so many pet care options in NWA, we strive to stay on top of our game. We provide occasional online client surveys to give you a chance to let us know how we are performing. It's not enough for our service to be satisfactory; We want to remain the best!