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Angel Pet Sitters Service Policies

Service Quote & Registration

Each person interested in service will be required to fill out our contact form, which will allow us to respond with an accurate quote for the services requested. Once the quote is agreed upon, you will be connected with a sitter who will instruct you on our online registration procedure* and reserve a lock box for you. Clients must be able to register with a mapable address which their rate will be determined from. After registration is complete and the initial payment is made, the sitter will schedule the Meet & Greet.

Booking Visits & Payment Terms

Visits can only be booked on our website, by registered clients, using the Service Request form. All services require payment in advance. Payments can be made by card, eCheck, or PayPal via our secure website upon submitting the Service Request. Reservations for visits are not made until payment has been received and the Service Request confirmed by a sitter.

Every Other Day Visits

For the safety of the pet(s), and security of the home, we absolutely do not allow EOD visits while the client is out of town. There is simply too much that can happen in a 24-hr period; from pets locking themselves in a room or closet, or ingestion of a foreign object, to major household incidents such as failure of the HVAC system... We've seen it! Only clients needing mid-day dog walks or check-ins are allowed to skip days, as they will be returning to their home on a daily basis.


Refunds are generally very rare, as booking visits requires time to be set aside for you, in addition to costing us money. We are usually more than happy to issue credits, which will remain in your account with us for up to one year, and are automatically applied to your next Service Request.

50% Credit minus $20 cancellation fee, NO refunds
Early Return
Credit minus next 2 days of scheduled visits
14+ Days Notice
Refund minus $20 cancellation fee
7-13 Days Notice
Credit minus $20 cancellation fee
Less Than 7 Days Notice
Credit minus first 3 days of scheduled visits
***This precedes all other policies. Any and all visits booked that include a holiday are NOT refundable, regardless of how many days notice are given. Holiday cancellations usually always result in lost revenue due to sitters being booked and having to turn down other clients. Be certain of your plans before committing to holiday service. At the discretion of APS, and pending sitter availability, minor reschedules (starting and ending services up to one day earlier or later) may be permitted.

We understand, sometimes, life happens. There may be extreme/special circumstances beyond one's control that result in a cancellation. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and an additional refund/credit may be allowed, mostly at the sitter's discretion- since it is their time that is booked.

Returning the Lock Box

Clients can receive their lock box deposit back, in full, upon returning it to us. Lock box must be delivered to either one of our office locations, or sitter's home, at their discretion. The deposit refund will then be issued in the form of a check mailed directly from our bank. Returning the lock box will effectively terminate the client's contract with us, and close their account. Should services wish to be resumed with us after this point, the new client registration process must be repeated.

Privacy & Security

Angel Pet Sitters will never sell, share, or rent clients' personal or business information, whether it be their name, phone numbers, or address. Clients are valued, and as such, we respect their privacy. APS will not use clients as references without their permission. Photos of client's pets taken by sitters may be used on our various social media outlets, without any identifying information, unless client expresses otherwise at the time of registration.

Important Terms

These policies supersede any printed policies.

Rates Subject to Change Without Notice.

* If you are disabled, or need assistance, we will be more than happy to accomodate you by bringing a laptop to your Meet & Greet to assit with registering online, and submitting payment, at that time.