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Service Policies

Pre-Visit Consultation / Registration

Every new client will require a pre-visit consultation and registration, which includes a Meet & Greet. There is no fee for the pre-visit consultation, which is done by phone or e-mail. This consultation is to determine if Angel Pet Sitters will be a good fit for the potential client's household and services required. The Meet & Greet is scheduled if the client wishes to proceed with booking visits. The Meet & Greet allows the pet sitter to meet the client and their pet(s), record detailed pet care instuctions, and leave a lock box with them.

Prior to scheduling the Meet & Greet, the sitter will instruct the client on how to create a profile on the APS website*, complete the online service contract, vet release form, and submit payment. Payment for the Meet & Greet and lock box deposit** are due at that time.

Scheduling Visits

Visits are scheduled on the website by the client, after logging in, via the Service Request form. Client begins by selecting the date and time of day for the first visit, and the date and time of day for the last visit. All in-between visits are automatically applied after choosing the visit times. A single booking can only consist of consecutive days- we DO NOT allow periodic or ever-other-day visits when the client is going to be away from home. Visits MUST be made at least once per day, to ensure regular check-up of pet(s) to make sure that they (and the home!) are safe.

Last-Minute Booking

If a client books any visits less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the date and time of the first scheduled visit, a last-minute booking fee is assessed. Please note that sitters are often booked weeks in advance, so the existence of this short notice booking fee in no way guarantees availability. In addition, new client relationships require much more advance notice to accommodate scheduling of the Meet & Greet.

Holiday Visits

If your pet sitting visits span a holiday, there is a flat holiday fee. Some of our competitors charge an additional per visit or per day holiday fee, but we find this to be excessive. The flat holiday fee that we charge covers the entire holiday period in which you've booked visits. (If you book over two different holidays, for example, over Christmas AND New Year's, the fee will be double.)


All services require payment in advance. The only method of payment we currently accept is PayPal. If you do not already have an account, it is very easy to sign up upon submission of the service request, and allows you to pay with either a bank account or credit/debit card. Under certain circumstances, we will allow a check to be mailed (existing clients, if the visit is 14+ days out and NOT over a holiday). However, your visits cannot be confirmed until payment clears. Please contact PRIOR to booking to see if this is okay.


Refunds are generally very rare, as booking visits requires time to be set aside for you. This can mean the sitter may end up taking time away from another job, cancel previous engagements, and sometimes even turn down other clients.

50% Credit, NO refunds
Early Return
Credit minus next 2 days of scheduled visits
14+ Days Notice
Refund minus $20 cancellation fee
7-13 Days Notice
Credit minus $20 cancellation fee
Less Than 7 Days Notice
Credit minus first 3 days of scheduled visits
***This precedes all other policies. Any and all visits booked that include a holiday are NOT refundable, regardless of how many days notice are given. Holidays are New Year's, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Holiday cancellations usually always result in lost revenue, as we usually have to turn down clients during these times. Be certain of your plans before committing to holiday service. At the discretion of APS, and pending sitter availability, minor reschedules (starting and ending services up to one day earlier or later) may be permitted.

We understand, sometimes, life happens. There may be extreme/special circumstances beyond one's control that result in a cancellation. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and an additional refund/credit may be allowed, mostly at the sitter's discretion- since it is their time that is booked.

Privacy & Security

Angel Pet Sitters will never sell, share, or rent clients' personal or business information, whether it be their name, phone numbers, or address. Clients are valued, and as such, we respect their privacy. APS will not use clients as references without their permission.

* If you are disabled or need assistance, we will be more than happy to accomodate you by bringing a laptop to your Meet & Greet to assit with registering online, and submitting payment, at that time.

** Lock box depost is 100% refundable, should the client decide they will no longer need our services. If the time arises when they wish to resume services, they will be required to complete the registration process again as if they are a new client.