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Meet the Pet Sitters

Diana Burton-Kellogg - Owner/Manager

I love working with animals! In addition to pet sitting with Angel Pet Sitters for over 10 years, I have worked part time at different pet supply stores, animal shelters, and even fostered pets for local rescues. I have gladly offered time and resources to rehabilitate & rehome abandoned or hurt animals of all types; from dogs, to reptiles, to even a bird of prey!

My other passion is art, and of course I specialize in animals! I even own a costume business where I design and create custom animal mascots from scratch. I've worn my own costume with Angel Pet Sitters while at local pet-related events, and attend conventions all over the country to promote my works.

Stacey Fraser-Kumpe - Owner/Manager

Since graduating college with a BA in theatre, I have spent the better part of my career managing national pet supply chain stores. A lover of dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles and fish... I've owned all types of pets (except spiders!). I have also served on several animal welfare-related board of directors, and am currently involved in a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue.

Originally from Hot Springs, my husband and I currently reside in Fayetteville with our son Chance. I enjoy blues music, art, and travel.

James LeMaster - Springdale/Fayetteville/Lowell

I have always had pets growing up. Dogs, cats, rabbits and a trained rat, just to name a few. After moving here, I rescued a 10 month old Shar Pei mix puppy with severe hip dysplasia. With diet and exercise, we were able to find him comfort and give him back his independence. Now, 2 yrs later, you would never know he had hip problems. He is running and jumping just as a 2 year old puppy would. I now have 2 dogs and 2 cats with room to expand. Caring for animals is a passion of mine that Angel Pet Sitters has helped me to immerse myself in. All pets need love, and love is what I can give them.

Silja Sample - Rogers/Bentonville/Centerton

I'm originally from Ireland, but moved to Rogers several years ago with my husband who is a local. I have three rescue cats, a fish tank, and a dog from Rogers shelter, as well as three kids. I love long walks with my kids.

My hobbies are baking, reading, and anything to do with penguins- I've even been to Antartica and Australia to see them!

I've always been interested in animal welfare. In Ireland, I was manager of the Cats Protection Association and volunteered for the DSPCA (Dublin's animal shelter).

Since coming to the US, I've been pet sitting for APS. I have experience with all types of pets.

Lacey Leonard - Fayetteville

Bio Coming Soon!

Susan Snell - Fayetteville/Farmington

The photo is of me, Charlie the Cockatiel, and Zsa Zsa the Viszla. I spent two weekend days and nights with them because, as a “Velcro” dog and also getting older, Zsa Zsa didn’t tolerate being left alone. She nonetheless let me know that I wasn’t the boss of her and was aloof for several hours both times I sat with her, until she warmed up and decided I wasn’t so bad after all.

Because I am retired, I get to spend time getting to know other people’s cats, dogs, and birds, making sure they are fed and watered and exercised, and also given love. Every animal has its own personality to get to know, from those who accept me right away, to those who are leery and may take 2-3 visits to become friendly. A couple of Pugs went from barking at me most of the time I was with them to jumping up to be petted, for which I was extremely grateful. Personally I have had cats and dogs from weeks old to oldsters; one cat lived to be 21 years, and the oldest dog to 15. I have had to medicate my own animals; dogs are easiest because they will usually gulp down anything if it is encased in something yummy, while cats can be medicated but it is definitely more challenging.

The most important thing to me in watching over your pets is to make them as comfortable, physically and emotionally, as possible in the absence of their families, and to relieve you as much as possible from the stress of having to leave them. I look forward to being a reassuring presence in the lives of you and your pets.