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Angel Pet Sitters - Our Staff

Diana Kellogg - Owner/Manager

"I love working with animals! In addition to pet sitting, I have experience working at several different pet supply stores, animal shelters, and have even fostered pets for local rescues here in NWA. I have gladly offered time and resources to rehabilitate & rehome abandoned or hurt animals of all types; from dogs, to reptiles, to even a bird of prey.

I lept at the opportunity to take over Angel Pet Sitters at the beginning of 2019, after working with them for ten years. I wanted our clients to remain at ease, and take comfort in knowing that they and their animal-family will continue to have a trusted source for their care.

My other passion is art, and of course I specialize in animals! I am crafty and a bit of a seamstress as well. One of my newest passions is birds, and I have been studying and learning how to do behavior modification and flight training with them. I currently own a parrot and a cat, and have experience caring for dogs, rodents, lizards, snakes, and even some insects that I have owned in the past as well. :)"

Stacey Fraser-Kumpe - Owner/Manager

"Since graduating college with a BA in theatre, I have spent the better part of my career managing national pet supply chain stores. A lover of dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles and fish... I've owned all types of pets (except spiders!). I have also served on several animal welfare-related board of directors, and am currently involved in a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue.

Originally from Hot Springs, I currently reside in Fayetteville with our son Chance. I enjoy blues music, art, and travel."

Silja S. - Rogers/Bentonville

"I'm originally from Ireland, but moved to Rogers several years ago with my husband who is a local. I have three rescue cats, a fish tank, and a dog from the Rogers' animal shelter, as well as three kids. I love long walks with my kids.

My hobbies are baking, reading, and anything to do with penguins- I've even been to Antartica and Australia to see them!

I've always been interested in animal welfare. In Ireland, I was manager of the Cats Protection Association and volunteered for the DSPCA (Dublin's animal shelter).

Since coming to the US, I've been pet sitting for APS. I have experience with all types of pets."

Susan S. - Fayetteville/Farmington

"The photo is of me, Charlie the Cockatiel, and Zsa Zsa the Viszla.

Because I am retired, I get to spend time getting to know other people’s cats, dogs, and birds, making sure they are fed and watered and exercised, and also given love. Every animal has its own personality to get to know, from those who accept me right away, to those who are leery and may take 2-3 visits to become friendly. Personally I have had cats and dogs from weeks old to oldsters; one cat lived to be 21 years, and the oldest dog to 15. I have had to medicate my own animals; dogs are easiest because they will usually gulp down anything if it is encased in something yummy, while cats can be medicated but it is definitely more challenging.

The most important thing to me in watching over your pets is to make them as comfortable, physically and emotionally, as possible in the absence of their families, and to relieve you as much as possible from the stress of having to leave them. I look forward to being a reassuring presence in the lives of you and your pets."

Chance S. - Springdale/Fayetteville

"Say hi to Blaze and Echo! Oh, also I am in the picture. My two dogs are both rescue animals, but I love animals of all kinds. Blaze is a Senior dog, and thus, comfort and care of senior animals is important to me. I have had dogs and cats, and have worked with birds, snakes, rabbits, hamsters, and some squirrels. I have 3 years of Veterinary Clinic Experience. I can give oral medications and injections.

I am an online student in Vet Tech School, so my schedule is very open. I can stay overnight if needed, and can change my schedule to meet any times you need. Leaving your pet with someone else is hard, so If i can make that a bit easier for you I will consider it time well spent."

Sarah M. - Fayetteville

"Hi, I’m Sarah and this is my kitty Nala in the picture with me! I am from Conway, Arkansas and moved up to Fayetteville when I was 18 to study Psychology at The University of Arkansas. I volunteered pretty frequently when I was younger at the Humane Society back home. When I moved here, I worked at The All Cats Clinic for about 2 years and got my Veterinarian Assistant Certification through Petra Allied Health.

I am a part time student which gives me some extra free time; so why not love on other people’s animals when they’re away?! I have a big heart for animals, especially cats! I grew up basically bringing any cat I found back home and I’ve always known since then that I’d grow up to be a cat lady, though I still love my other furry friends just as much!"

Lisa H. - Bentonville/Rogers

"Hello, I'm Lisa Hubble. Pets are my whole life; from rescuing them and saving their lives to loving and taking care of them. I've worked with several agencies for over 40 years that include helpong with the spay and neurting of feral cats and returning them to their colonies.

I have been pet sitting For APS for a couple years and love the owners and their compassion for animals. I have lived in Northwest Arkansas since 1984. Though I moved away for a short period, I got re-married to a great man from NWA and this is my home."

Emily P. - Fayetteville

"I have always loved animals. Big or small. With no children, my animals are my children. After several years, my pack of four has gone down to one. I'd love to love your furbabies as much as I do my own. Having a trusted person to care for your pet is top priority, and I would love to have the opportunity make new furry friends and take the worry away."

Rhonda J. - Centerton/Bentonville

"Hi, I’m Rhonda and this is my 2 year-old Wooly Husky, SkyeAxALS. We call her Skye. I’m a mom of two children and four fur babies, including three dogs and a rescue cat. We love outdoor adventures whether it’s a trip to the mountains, or getting out on our fabulous local trails!

I’ve had pets as part of my family my entire life. Birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. It was only when looking for a picture to post here that I realized, aside from holiday family photos with our pets, I don’t have any with my pets because I’m usually the one taking the pictures!

Which leaves me with two goals; to take care of your family members when you need additional help with your pets, and to get more pictures of me with my pets. Lol. I look forward to meeting you and your fabulous family members!"

Markayla L. - Fayetteville

“My name is Markayla Lusher! Pictured is one of my dogs, Keeva. She is my first independently owned dog. I'm an animal lover, and my biggest dream is to rescue and rehabilitate any and all animals! I grew up in Mountain Pine, Arkansas, and you can say I'm a nature nut because of where I'm from. I've lived in the NWA area for almost 15 years. I have a big family filled with lots of cats and dogs! I've worked in kennels since I was 18, and have studied body language in dogs. I'm great at bathing, nail trims, and basic dog grooming practices. I hope to have your trust in caring for your pets."

Chelsea S. - Fayetteville/Baldwin

"My name is Chelsea Stanton. I recently moved here from the New Orleans area. I have lived all over the country and even Canada. I was attracted to the Ozarks by the beautiful mountains, friendly people, exciting culture, and thriving cities. Currently I am the proud mama of two dogs; Salvador Dogi and Godzilla, as well as three cats; Squeaks, CornPop and Rocket. CornPop is a special needs kitty and requires lots of extra care and attention, but I do make sure the other four pets get individual time for love, affection and play.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved animals of all kinds, and have devoted my life to their care. I am professionally trained as a dog and cat groomer and have also worked with reptiles, small animals and farm animals. Working in the grooming industry for several years instilled in me a strong belief that all animals must be treated with unwavering patience and respect. I take the responsibility of caring for my client’s animals seriously, ensuring that they are healthy and happy.

Know that I will always go the extra mile to make sure I treat your animals the same way I treat my own, with the utmost dedication and sweetness. When you are on a trip or at work for the day, rest assured that as your pet sitter, I will make sure your pets are not only taken care of, but have a fun time too! I cannot wait to meet you and your fur babies!"

Vanessa B. - Pea Ridge

"My name is Vanessa. I’m a Veterinary Technician at a local vet clinic, and I live locally in Rogers, AR. Taking care of animals has always been a passion of mine. I have two dogs, two cats, as well as fish and a bearded dragon. I love meeting new people and look forwarding to helping you & your furbabies!"

Andrea E. - Bella Vista

"Hi, I’m Andrea. My husband and I have been blessed to have amazing 4-legged kids throughout the years. Even though we don’t have any fur-babies now, my husband thought it would be therapeutic for me to use my extra time and talents to care for your family members!"

Christina E. - Bella Vista

"Hi, I’m Christina. I moved to Bella Vista from Ft. Myers, FL in June 2022. I moved here to help my daughter with her first baby, and my first grand baby!

I have always had a passion for caring for animals. I have four dogs (2 golden retrievers, a dachshund, and a cavapoo) and one cat. I look forward to taking care of your pets; I will keep them loved and well taken care of while you are away.

In my spare time, I enjoy boating, shopping, and traveling."

Hala R. - Springdale

"I'm Hala and I can't wait to take care of your furry or scaly children! I recently finished a degree in Environmental and Regulatory Science with hopes to eventually work as a wildlife technician, or in a state park. My current life goal is to hold a turkey vulture on my arm. The natural world fascinates me; I never want to stop learning about it!

I've owned many different creatures; from the usual cat and dog, to pacman frogs, to wolf spiders and snails. I personally own a 13 yr old Chihuahua named Bougie (French for candle because she is my light), a Kenyan sand boa named Tinyheart, and a blue tongue skink named Frey- but I just call him skink, he doesn't seem to mind. My hobbies include kayaking/hiking, reading/writing and gardening. You can rest easy knowing your pets and home (including plants!) will be in the best hands. I am available for overnights as needed. :)"

Lindsey M. - Rogers/Cave Springs

"Hi, I’m Lindsey! I love animals so much and look forward to meeting and caring for yours. Some things about me; I have lived in Northwest Arkansas my whole life and graduated from the University of Arkansas. I love going for walks, traveling, and playing with my dog, Alba.

I have prior experience watching animals in people’s homes, and I will prioritize your animal’s comfort and care while you are away. Since I have had dogs my whole life and cats when I was younger, I am very comfortable and familiar with these types of animals and look forward to getting to know yours."

Matt B. - Springdale

"Hi, my name's Matt and my passion is working with all kinds of animals. I've worked the past half decade at a couple different pet stores in Texas, and only recently moved to Arkansas. I am personally a reptile keeper/breeder of many exotic species.

I love working with all kinds of animals. I have experience pet sitting for friends and family; from dogs and cats to big collections of reptiles. I'm great working with pretty much any species. I treat any animal I care for as if it were my own, and can guarantee your fur/scale/feather baby will be in safe hands."