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Meet the Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

Diana Burton-Kellogg, Owner/Manager

I love working with animals! In addition to pet sitting with Angel Pet Sitters for over 10 years, I have worked part time at different pet supply stores, animal shelters, and even fostered pets for local rescues. I have gladly offered time and resources to rehabilitate & rehome abandoned or hurt animals of all types; from dogs, to reptiles, to even a bird of prey!

My other passion is art, and of course I specialize in animals! I even own a costume business where I design and create custom animal mascots from scratch. I've worn my own costume with Angel Pet Sitters while at local pet-related events, and I attend conventions all over the country to promote my business when I'm not pet sitting.

James LeMaster

I have always had pets growing up. Dogs, cats, rabbits and a trained rat, just to name a few. After moving here, I rescued a 10 month old Shar Pei mix puppy with severe hip dysplasia. With diet and exercise, we were able to find him comfort and give him back his independence. Now, 2 yrs later, you would never know he had hip problems. He is running and jumping just as a 2 year old puppy would. I now have 2 dogs and 2 cats with room to expand. Caring for animals is a passion of mine that Angel Pet Sitters has helped me to immerse myself in. All pets need love, and love is what I can give them.

Silja Sample

I'm originally from Ireland, but moved to Rogers several years ago with my husband who is a local. I have three rescue cats, a fish tank, and a dog from Rogers shelter, as well as three kids. I love long walks with my kids.

My hobbies are baking, reading, and anything to do with penguins- I've even been to Antartica and Australia to see them!

I've always been interested in animal welfare. In Ireland, I was manager of the Cats Protection Association and volunteered for the DSPCA (Dublin's animal shelter).

Since coming to the US, I've been pet sitting for APS. I have experience with all types of pets.