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Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service different from hiring a "hobby" sitter, a friend, or a neighborhood kid?

· First and foremost, we are a professional service; We hold high values and standards to keep your pets, and home, safe. We are certified by the only world-wide recognized pet-sitter educational oganization, Pet Sitters International. As offered by them, we participate in continued education regarding animal behavior and care, as well as offered by Fetch Find. In addition, all of our staff are background-checked, insured and bonded.

Do you offer boarding or doggie daycare?

· No, we do not own a stand-alone facility. We only provide in-home pet sitting, which is an alternative to boarding and daycare.

What types of animals do you pet sit?

· We will happily pet sit any critter in your home, and some outside; such as chickens, ducks, goats, etc. We do not care for large farm animals, or potentially dangerous animals, which includes any with a history of aggression.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

· We do not require any paperwork, however we reccomend at least up-to-date rabies vaccinations.

How do I book visits?

· You will first need to request a quote before being assigned a sitter, after which they will guide you through our registration & booking process. Established clients can simply log in and fill out our Service Request form, pay, and their sitter will receive & confirm this by e-mail.

How do I pay for services?

· All services require payment in advance. Payment is made online, after logging in and filling out a Service Request, by card, e-check, or PayPal.

Are tips expected?

· Tips are always appreciated, but never expected and certainly not mandatory! For your convenience you can enter a tip on the Service Request when you book, or leave cash for your sitter in a clearly marked envelope in your home.

Will you keep my house keys?

· Absolutely not! Your keys will never leave your home; We use lock boxes so your keys remain securely on your property. There is a one-time, refundable deposit for the lock box which can be returned at any time (thus terminating your contract with us).

What if I have a code or keypad to use instead of the lock box?

· Your sitter will gladly use any alternative code you may have on your property. We will still strongly encourage the use of our lock box, in addition to this, in order to protect you in the event of any unforseen occurence; such as a power outage or battery failure.

How long does the sitter stay at my home?

· We offer visits in increments of 30, 45, and 60 minutes and you can choose up to four visits per day. We do not offer all-day stays, but we do offer overnights on a limited availability.

How will I know if the sitter visits my home?

· One thing that sets us apart from everyone else is what we call our "Daily Scoop Notes". These notes are left online by your sitter, EACH visit, which include a list of tasks performed. These notes can be viewed, on-the-fly, at any time while you're away simply by logging onto your account. They give the GPS location of the sitter when the note was submitted, along with the date and time.

What if my pet needs to go to the vet while I'm away?

· All clients are required to fill out a Veterinarian Release form online upon registration. Once the form is submitted, it is e-mailed to your veterinary clinic (if applicable) for them to keep with your records (otherwise you must deliver it to them before you leave). This form will provide your vet with information about your wishes and your financial arrangement, thus allowing them to provide care to your pet(s) in your absence.

What if I need to cancel; Do you offer refunds or credits?

· In short, yes, but it depends on several factors. We strongly urge credits, as opposed to refunds, whenever possible, as this will save both you and us money. Credits are easily applied to your account with us, which are then automatically applied to your Service Request the next time you book. You can read our full policy on cancellations here.

What if I'm disabled or need help registering online?

· We are more than happy to accommodate anyone who is unable to register on the website. A sitter can come to your home with a laptop if you need assistance. Please contact us to ask about this, or mention it when filling out our contact form for a quote.