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IC Application/Contract

Do you understand that you are responsible for reporting all taxes on income and that you will receive no benefits including Workman's Comp. or unemployment?
Do you realize that our liability and business insurance does not cover you in case of accidents or negligence on your part? (We highly recommend that you carry your own insurance, and will be happy to provide sources of pet sitting insurance.)
All clients of Angel Pet Sitters and all referrals made to Angel Pet Sitters are the sole "property" of Angel Pet Sitters, and you may not solicit them for pet sitting jobs (or other business) of your own. It is also understood that you will not compete with Angel Pet Sitters within our service area. Your signature, below, indicates your agreement to this, and also your understanding that Angel Pet Sitters will terminate your contract and take legal action if this agreement is broken.
Date: 02/21/2019
Do you have obligations that would prevent you from morning, mid-day, or evening pet sits?
Can you work on short notice?
Can you pet sit overnight in a client's home?
Have you and are you comfortable with giving oral medications to a cat or dog?
Can you comfortably handle walking two dogs at a time?
Can you comfortably handle a dog weighing up to 100 pounds?
Sitters are required to go alone on jobs. Is this a problem for you?
Smoking is not allowed in client's homes or yards. Is this a problem for you?
Do you understand that you will be paid by the job, and that Angel Pet Sitters is not obligated in any way to provide a set number of jobs?
Angel Pet Sitters pays independent contractors 46% of what clients pay for services (only exceptions: you make 100% of tips and APS gets 100% of any office/PayPal fees). You are responsible for invoicing APS for pet sitting visits you do. Is this acceptable to you?
Independent contractors are paid weekly. We make no exceptions. Is this acceptable for you?
By signing below, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this contract, and you agree to acquaint yourself with and abide by all of Angel Pet Sitters policies and procedures. (You understand that if you DO NOT abide by the polices and procedures, you will be given only one warning. A second offense will entail termination of this contract.) You also agree to hold Angel Pet Sitters harmless in the event of accidents, theft, injuries, or acts of negligence on your part while caring for Angel Pet Sitter's clients pets and homes. I certify that everything I have stated in this document is correct and true. I understand that if anything I have stated is found to be inaccurate or untrue, it could be grounds for termination from Angel Pet Sitters.
Your signature below is legally binding.
Date: 02/21/2019