Benefits of Dog Walking

You are aware that exercise is good for you, so it follows that exercise is good for your dog. Unfortunately, most dogs don't get nearly enough exercise, even if they have access to a fenced backyard. Juse one or two walks a week can greatly improve your dog's well-being, circulation, digestive system, and attitude.

Do you have an energetic dog? Walking is an excellent way to prevent bad behavior or hyperactivity that might develop from boredom or listlessness.

If your dog is overweight, controlling his/her diet will help, but exercise is essential to weight loss.

Do you feel that no matter what you do, your dog is forever seeking your attention? That may signal a need for activity, and a dog walk is just the ticket. Taking your dog for a walk will reduce incidences of barking and whining.

Did you just welcome a new dog into the family? Having your dog walked in the neighborhood is will enable your dog to feel more comfortable in his/her new surroundings. A stroll through the neighborhood will give your dog a chance to sniff around and become familiar with the new home environment and area.

Fearful or timid dogs will benefit from learning to trust that someone will be there for them, and that will engender confidence and comfort in the caregiver's presence.

The time spent on a walk gives your dog a breath of fresh air, appeals to all of your dog's senses, and, of course, gives your dog a chance to relieve him/herself.

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