Dog Walking & Midday Potty/Play Breaks

Exercise is important to your dog's well-being and overall health. If your dog doesn't have access to the outdoors and you don't have time for dog walks or outdoor play, we can provide this service for you.

Dog walking and midday potty/play breaks are an excellent alternative to doggie daycare! If your dog is not particularly social, or if your dog has been turned down by a daycare because it is not spayed or neutered, APS can help! It is a well-known fact that dogs need activity in order to dispel boredom and help prevent destructive behavior. A nice, long dog walk or a fun-filled midday break chasing a ball in the backyard can be just as beneficial to your dog as a day at a doggie daycare.

Angel Pet Sitters provides several options for daytime dog walks so that your dog(s) can get the exercise they need while you are away.

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